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Indigo blues

Indigo blues
Image credits: 1) Jonny Valiant, 2) est issue #6 – photo by Robyn Lea, 3) Toast catalogue

Today’s post is all about moody indigo blues and creating a dramatic backdrop or setting. This colour palette gives a sense of tranquility and calm perfect for a guest bedroom or statement wall. To add warmth and depth, include turquoise pops and lighter shades of blue. Either go with concrete grey accents to add more of a moody feel or add clean whites for contrast and a fresher look. It’s definitely more of a winter palette but on a hot summer’s day, wouldn’t it be wonderful to retreat into a cool oasis of blue? Hope you all have a restful weekend, friends!

Indigo blue inspirationImage credits: 1, 2, 5 & 6) est issue #6, 3) Jonny Valiant, 4) Hector Sanchez

Indigo blue inspiration

Image credits: 1) Anthropologie, 2) Gan rugs, 3) Jonny Valiant

  1. Heidi

    26 October

    Exquisite ! Love – love – love :-))))

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