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Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby cast

As promised, here’s a report back about my experience of The Great Gatsby at Spier earlier this week. We arrived on a rather overcast and chilly evening and yet everyone was there and dressed in their 20’s finest. I must say that everyone being dressed up really made the evening and created such a fun and vibrant atmosphere. We got to drink as much Spier wine as we wanted which was great but I must admit that we were disappointed by the food. I don’t think there was really enough variety and I definitely don’t think that boerewors rolls fall into the 20’s theme! However I thoroughly enjoyed the show, the cast was excellent and the fact that they managed to change scenes and switch between characters with such a small cast was amazing. No instruments or music to accompany them, just their own voices, really fantastic. I got carried away by the gorgeous flapper outfits and transported to an era of fun and decadence.

I do think that the tickets are a bit pricey but having said that, the evening was truly fantastic. So I’d recommend it! The show runs until the 31st of December. If you’ve been to the show, do let us know what you thought. Here are just a few snaps of the well dressed and a pic of me as well! Have a wonderful weekend!

Great Gatsby at Spier

Great Gatsby at Spier


  1. Nicole

    23 November

    Hey Lana!
    You looked so pretty. It was awesome seeing everyone dressed up.
    I loved the show, and thoroughly enjoyed the evening (I agree with you about the food though – I avoided the boerewors rolls as I didn’t want mustard on my white dress haha). I can’t believe I didn’t think of bringing a blanket!

    • Lana

      23 November

      Thanks Nicole!:) I’m sure you had the perfect vintage outfit just lying in your wardrobe!x

  2. CharlieW

    23 November

    You looked so pretty! Looks like everyone had a fab time! xx

  3. LatteLisa

    23 November

    I’m so loving this, this is my favourite era!
    It looks like you had a wonderful time. You look fabulous ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Lana

      23 November

      Thanks Lisa! I love it too, I’ve been wanting to throw a 20’s party forever now!x


    23 November

    Looked like so much fun. Great outfits.

  5. Rose

    23 November

    You sure do get around Lana – but that image of Moi – very nice! It looks and sounds like fun, but I have to agree with you on the boerewors roll thing. Inappropriate. If they want to do it ala South Africa, then the dress code would probably have been” Volks rokkies. ” For some unknown reason somehow my association with the 20″s Gatsby style of dress is very euro-centric.! Can’t even begin to imagine SA ladies being caught up in that fashion. But they must have since we have always had the trendy wealthy society ladies around.

  6. Piko

    23 November

    Lana you looked lovely!! I’ll second you on throwing 20’s party! It’s a favorite period of mine too.

  7. You could totally be a fabulous flapper from the 20s!

  8. Love your outfit Lana! It sounds like it was so fun; I loved the fashion of the 20’s era – you all look fabulous! xx

  9. classiq

    27 November

    It sure looks like you all had so much fun! I would love to go to a 20s theme party. You look wonderful!

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