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Scooter time

Garance DoréImage credit: Garance Doré

Well today’s post is a real quickie as I’m rushing off to do my learner’s license for my new scooter. I really left it till the last minute and have been desperately cramming road signs into my head for the last two days. I did my learners for my car ages ago and have forgotten so much, so wish me luck! I’m really looking forward to scooting around this summer although I’m sure I’ll never look as glamorous as Viviana does above!


Image credits: 1) raww, 2) Amazon

  1. Good luck!

    • Lana

      6 November

      Thanks Cynthia-Rose! I passed, so happy!

      • Congratulations! So one of these days we’ll see you ‘scooting’ around town.

  2. Sarah

    7 November

    Ha! well my beloved cat is named ‘Scooter’ so when its Scooter time at my cottage, its all about him!! ;-))

    • Lana

      7 November

      I’m sure it is! Such a cute name for a cat, Sarah.

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