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Botanical beauty

Christine Meintjes - The Pretty Blog

I spotted this beautiful bouquet over on The Pretty Blog, I love the yellow punch and unusual choice of flowers. I think it would be perfect for a relaxed wedding set in the countryside. What do you think?

Brent Darby

Breanna Rose

Julia Hoersch

Image credits: 1) Photo by Christine Meintjes for The Pretty Blog, 2) Brent Darby Photography, 3) desktop wallpaper by Breanna Rose, 4) Julia Hoersch Photography & styling by Andreas Lichtenstein

  1. Rose

    10 January

    COMPLIMENTS OF THE SEASON LANA. I love these botanical prints, but what really got a giggle from me just as I opened this post, was what caught my eye in the first image. The lady holding the bouquet was wearing a ‘ granny print’ dress – that is what we used to call it in my youth! Granny Print. it brought a flood of memories back to me. So cool to see it again.

    • Lana

      10 January

      Thanks Rose! Funny how everything comes back into fashion again? I am quite a fan of ‘granny print’ and like you said, it brings back so many memories for me too.

  2. you’re so right, Lana! really unusual, vibrant and I love that it’s non-traditional. Yellow is so hot!! x Megan

  3. Happy New Year to you Lana! I love the beautiful bouquet in the first picture, my sister is getting married soon, possibly in the Karroo so I think something like this would be perfect for her!

  4. Georgianna

    13 January

    Botanicals are so near and dear to me

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