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Mauritian villa

Mauritian villa

Villa L'ilot, Mauritius

Well as you’re reading this post, I’ll probably be lazing around on a beautiful beach in Mauritius! Lucky me, yes, I know! We’re staying in a great hotel on the North-West coast but of course it’s not quite as luxurious as this lovely Villa L’Ilot situated on its own private island in the N-E lagoon of Mauritius. I love the oversized pendant lights and the soft, neutral palette. Mmm perhaps we’ll stay here next time!

Villa L'ilot, Mauritius

Villa L'ilot, Mauritius

Image credits: Villa L’ilot, Mauritius

  1. Kim Grey

    3 January

    Gorgeous!! Thanks for the virtual holiday, Lana. πŸ™‚ Hope yours is going beautifully.

  2. LatteLisa

    3 January

    Happy New Year Lana!

    The new year is obviously starting quite well for you. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

  3. tinajo

    3 January

    Sounds divine – enjoy!

  4. Ahhhh, I could so do with this escape right now! Happy New Year, Lana!

  5. Oh how I wish I was there, lazing and sipping cocktails right now! It’s such a beautiful spot and the ceiling to floor bamboo blinds have given me an idea for my little deck area!

  6. Sarah

    5 January

    Oh, so very jealous!! You lucky Lanalou you!! Have a wonderful time! ;-)) Wishing you a Happy New Year from frigid Maine in the US!! ;-))

  7. val

    6 January

    My dear blog friend hope you year started full of dreams, health and joy.


  8. Rachie

    6 January

    Hope you are having a lovely time in Mauritius! Happy new year Lana xx

  9. Lana

    8 January

    Thanks for all the well wishes, lovelies! I had such a great holiday!

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