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Do Valentine’s Day differently

Do Valentine’s Day differently

Valentines Day

So as you all know, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, you can hardly miss it with all the commercial advertising bombarding us left, right and center. But why not do it a little differently this year. Take the old fashioned approach and pop a hand written love note in someone’s post box or  treat a friend or special person to something out of the ordinary.

If you want to take it a notch up though, Enmasse has a really fun Valentine’s special. You might remember I’ve written about them before here and they do amazing Thai massages.

If you agree to to send an anonymous Valentine’s massage voucher to someone that needs a little pick up they will only charge you R225 per voucher (almost 50% off). There are too many people – in your family, at work, at your local restaurant – that are in need a smile. Receiving an anonymous message & gift has magical pick-up abilities. It might not happen to you but you can make it happen to someone else! And for the rest of the week you will sit back and revel in one of life’s greatest mysterious pleasures…the anonymous gift! Email Enmasse for further details. They have a branch in  Cape Town and Joburg.

Valentines Day

Photography by Lana Kenney ©  (These cute little DIY envelopes can be downloaded from Zü)

  1. Georgianna

    13 February

    That’s such a fun idea, Lana! I must admit to being surprised that Valentine’s Day has become such a commercial holiday all over the world. Love the cookies!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!


  2. Franca

    13 February

    What a lovely idea!
    A”Valentine hug”!

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