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iPhone cases

iPhone coversiPhone cases by: 1) Galaxy Eyes, 2) Allan Reid, 3) Miranda J Friedman, 4) Social Proper, 5) Robert Farkas, 6) Joy Laforme

Next week I’ll be upgrading to a new phone which I’m super excited about. I can’t wait to have a phone which can take good photos so I can jump on the Instagram party too! I’ve been trying to decide between Samsung and iPhone. I was pretty much sold on the Samsung SIII as it takes fantastic photos and has a big screen but after seeing all the gorgeous iPhone cases available on Søciety6, I might be tempted to change my mind! There are so many amazing cases, I’d want a few different ones so that I could dress my phone depending on my outfit and mood! Wouldn’t that be fun? Have a wonderful weekend friends!

iPhone covers

iPhone cases by: 1) Jen Ramos, 2) David Fleck, 3) Dream scape, 4) Galaxy Eyes, 5) Bianca Green, 6) Fimbis

  1. society6 is addicting! i have about 10 iphone cases on my wishlist!

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