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Must have art wall

The Design FilesImage credit: The Design Files

Yay, it’s my birthday today and it’s such a perfect day here in Cape Town. I’ve already been for an early morning coffee at our local coffee shop and a short walk. Now it’s time for a bit of work and then a birthday lunch and dinner! Why can’t every day be like this?! So what’s on my ultimate birthday wish list? A fabulous art wall feature filled with amazing artworks. I only recently discovered Joan Saló,  an artist living between Barcelona and Berlin, and I’d love to have one or two of her colourful artworks which she creates with colored pens. Aren’t they fun?




Image credits: Joan Saló

  1. Cheryl

    11 April

    A very happy birthday to you! And, yes, those pictures are stunning.

  2. e*

    11 April

    Love that wall too. Easy to make using cheap pegboard from the local hardware shop! Happy Birthday (-:

    • Lana

      12 April

      Exactly Elana! Even a small scale one would be cool!

  3. Kim Grey

    11 April

    Happy birthday, Lana! Wishing you all the best. Hope you have a beautiful day.

    I love these paintings and the fab art wall. Such lovely colours!

  4. Kari

    11 April

    Happy birthday! The colors in these works are absolutely stunning, and yay for art walls!

  5. Franca

    11 April

    Happy Colourful Birthday,Lana!

  6. Nadia

    12 April

    I love this – just beautiful.
    Just voted for you – best of luck! Hope you win. x

  7. Nadia

    12 April

    And of course – Happy belated birthday. x

  8. Lana

    12 April

    Thanks so much for the birthday wishes lovely ladies!

  9. I missed your birthday yesterday. Sorry!! Anyway I hope you had a fab day and continuing celebrating in style this weekend. The weather is playing along nicely so far. Happy happy

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