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Cosy textures

Cosy winter texturesImage credits: 1) Joanna Henderson Photography for Coast Magazine, 2) Juste Boreikaite Photography, 3) Kara Rosenlund, 4) Inreda Utreda

This mist is rolling in and I’m so glad I’ve got my morning run out of the way. It’s definitely time to start bringing in the layering in both your home and wardrobe. Chunky woolen knits and warm, cosy textures are what it’s all about. I’d love to get my hands on one of Little Dandelion’s handmade wool throws as seen in the photo just above. Keep warm, friends!

Cosy winter textures

Cosy winter textures

Joanna Hendersen

Cosy winter textures

Image credits: 5) BoråsTapeter via Solrum, 6) Inreda Utreda, 7) vtwonen shop, 8) Joanna Henderson Photography for Also Home, 9) Hertex throws, 10) Juste Boreikaite Photography for Neringa Ruke


  1. Caroline

    16 May

    Hey Lana,

    can you recommend some local (South African) brands for blankets?

    Kind regards,

  2. LatteLisa

    16 May

    This looks just lovely and cosy and appeals to my today’s mood. One would have thought that by now we would be enjoying warm spring weather in my part of the world but we get nothing but clouds and rain.

  3. Kari

    16 May

    This past year was the first I spent living in a place that has no winter, and all of those gorgeous blankets are making me miss it all over again!

  4. Juste

    16 May

    Such a beautiful finds! Although it is spring here I miss winter when I look at these images!
    And of course thank you for sharing my photos!:)

    Best wishes,

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