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The Anywear – 20 different looks in one

The Anywear – 20 different looks in one


I recently received an email introducing me to a new local initiative. I loved their simple yet clever concept so I thought I’d share it with you today. Azura was founded in February this year by 7 students from the University of Cape Town, studying a post-graduate diploma in Entrepreneurship. They have created a super versatile garment, the Anywear, which can be worn in over 20 different styles and is flattering to most body shapes! Pretty amazing?!

The Anywear is a means to save money, space and an alternative to unnecessary consumption by combining multiple items into one garment. It’s made in Cape Town using locally manufactured fabric and coconut shell buttons and is currently available in cream and black. Plus they donate 10% of their profit to the EarthChild Project.

I think this would be a brilliant piece to have when travelling, don’t you agree? You can buy one via Hello Pretty or visit their facebook page to see which markets they’ll be at. Go and support local!


Image credits: Azura

  1. Hello Pretty

    18 September

    Thanks so much for this great feature! This is such a smart product…

  2. Anna @ IHOD

    18 September

    Wow, this is so impressive! Love the buttons:)

  3. Franca

    18 September

    What a wonderful idea !
    A big hug

  4. Georgianna

    19 September

    This is so cool, Lana! Brilliant for traveling, as you say. Hope you are well!

  5. DJ

    23 September

    So fashionable! Love it!

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