Bedroom styles

Eclectic bedroom

I came across this bedroom yesterday and just loved it. The mix of patterns and colours creates a lovely inviting and textured look. I could quite happily wake up in that space. And then it got me thinking… but what style would I actually choose if I was able to do a total bedroom revamp? Of course it needs to tie in with your personal style and home but these days it’s easy to mix things up and make seasonal changes.

I’ve picked some favourite bedroom looks, let me know which is your favourite. Work is pretty hectic at the moment, so I think I’d like to live in the peaceful Soft & Dreamy bedroom for a while…

Pastel bedroom

Monochromatic bedrooms

Dreamy bedroom

Image credits: 1)Photo by Lisa Zhou for The Home, 2) Bali Nights throw from The Minimalist, 3) Photo by Alexander van Berge via vtwonen, 4) Photo by Nina Holst, 5) Elle Decoration UK via Bliss

  1. Kim Grey

    15 October

    I love the top image! I’d seen it via pinterest recently, and loved the colours, textures, layers. It looks so cozy. My second favourite is the all-white bedroom. How dreamy and relaxing!

  2. classiq

    17 October

    I’m thinking of painting our bedroom in grey – loving the inspiration here, and grey is one of my favourite colours, so elegant and discrete.

  3. Lana

    23 October

    Hi Ada, I agree with you on the grey. I just suggested to my sister that she go with grey for her bedroom!

  4. Pippa J

    19 December

    love the styling in these shots…so dreamy

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