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Blog Boot Camp Giveaway

Blog Boot Camp

So if you haven’t yet heard, Kathryn of Becoming You and myself, will be running a blogging workshop in early November. The workshop will be held at VM Central & Olive Studio at The Woodstock Foundry and you can read more about what’s on offer here. It’s sure to be an AMAZING morning with loads of inspiration, delicious snacks and awesome goodie bags and today we are offering one lucky reader the opportunity to attend our workshop for FREE!

If you’ve already bought a ticket, you can still enter and should you win, we will refund you. Don’t let this giveaway stop you from registering for our workshop as seats are limited. See the bottom of the post for details on how to enter! Good luck!

VM Central Studio/Olive Studio

1. Please like the BLOG BOOT CAMP Facebook page and leave a comment here saying why you’d like to attend.

You can do one or both of the below but please leave a separate comment for each, letting me know what you did.
2. Follow us on twitter and tweet about the giveaway (make sure you use @lanaloustyle and @blogbootcampSA)
3. Share this giveaway on your blog or facebook page

* The winner will be chosen randomly via
* This giveaway will end on Thursday 24th of October and the winner will be announced on the 25th of October

  1. Lizette Watts

    18 October

    I would love to be able to attend the blogger bootcamp to give my blog the opportunity to become what I know it can be. With the help of Kathryn and Lana it can become something great

  2. Philippa Rauch

    18 October

    I would love to attend the workshop to learn how I can creatively share my passion for food with others.

  3. Jess

    18 October

    I tweeted @clickety_clack_ I’d like to attend because I’m online for work all day, and I know I could be filling my free time more usefully! I’ve always thought about starting a blog, but I need some inspiration!

  4. Wendy

    18 October

    I’ve been fumbling away in the dark with a blog I stared at the beginning of the year. It would be great to attend the blogger bootcamp, to learn more, to ask some questions and to be ‘enlightened’ so that I can figure out what I’m actually doing. πŸ™‚

  5. Sam

    18 October

    I would love to attend your workshop! I am hoping to relaunch my little business by the end of the year and strongly believe that a strong online presence is the way forward. I would love to get first hand tips from successful bloggers with experience! Holding thumbs πŸ˜‰

  6. Nicole Clayton

    18 October

    I am such a big fan of Lana’s blog and would love the opportunity to learn from both her and Kathryn, how to up my blog-game!

  7. Marisa

    18 October

    love to go to Lana and Kathryn’s blog boot camp, be there or miss out!

  8. Charlotte aka The Stiletto Mum

    18 October

    I would love to attend as I want the tools to make my blog better.

  9. Marian

    18 October

    Would love to attend the Boot Camp to learn how to improve my blog and make it more successful. Love your blog and I’m sure there is lot to be learnt from two seasoned bloggers.

  10. Marian

    18 October

    Shared your giveaway on my blog cos its an awesome opportunity!

  11. Megs H

    18 October

    Such a stunning competition! I need to get my “butt” into shape by attending this Boot Camp! I

  12. Deborah

    18 October

    I’d love to attend the blog bootcamp to help improve my blog. Have been working slowly, but would love a boost. I have liked the facebook page

  13. Deborah

    18 October

    Shared the giveaway on facebook (and liked the group). Would love to attend to improve my blog!

  14. Ymna Hassen

    18 October

    I would like to come to the Boot camp because I’ve never been to one before and I would like to see what it’s all about…

    Many thanks…
    Ymna Hassen

  15. Deborah

    18 October

    I have shared this post on my blog:

    Would love to attend to improve my blog!

  16. Dianna

    18 October

    I’ve always had a little dream to have a blog but have no idea where to start or how to make it look a tenth as lovely as Lana’s (so intimidating!). I think a blog boot camp is an amazing idea, and I would love to attend.

  17. Lisa Fullstone

    18 October

    I am at a crossroads, I have just become a stay at home mom and I have an idea for a blog knocking around my brain for a year or so but have been too intimidated to take the big leap and I would love your expertise to hold my hand and help me leap OR to give me a big shove. The WordPress thing is a big concern for me!

  18. I’ve beeb blogging for over a year and would like some tips on how to boost traffic onto my blog and also how to manage my time between work, kids, wife duties and blogging.

    Would be great to win as I celebrate my 30th Birthday on the 9th November too!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  19. Natasha

    18 October

    I’d love to win because I want to improve my blog and learn how to market it and I also want to meet other local bloggers.

  20. Natasha

    18 October

    I liked you on twitter and shared. (Bamboo_Blossom)

  21. Natasha

    18 October

    I also shared on my Facebook page. (

  22. Charl

    19 October

    This year I launched a blog for a well-established SA brand, but I a self-trained blogger with little experience and would love to learn from your experiences. I also have exciting ideas for new blogs I want to start, but have not gotten so far and would love to be inspired a bit. Lastly, I actually have to work on this day, but if I win I could twist a few arms to come learn some awesome things!

  23. Chane

    19 October

    I now follow you on fb <3

  24. Chane

    19 October

    I now follow you on Twitter πŸ™‚

  25. Chane

    19 October

    I have shared this giveaway on my fb page… I would so love to win this one! I could use some blogging advise!

  26. Georgina

    20 October

    Hi there Boot Campers, I think this idea is so exciting and would love, LOVE to attend (I am from DBN) or if all else fails consider doing a skype video live from the boot camp, Just an idea…
    Hope to see you there

  27. Cindy

    21 October

    Always wanted to attend something like this, but didn’t know we even had them in SA, well done to you both for making accessible to us here. It would be cool to really make our little blog a bit more worth the time and effort that I put into it.

  28. Sam

    21 October

    Hi. Was already following on Twitter and Facebook but have shared your giveaway on both platforms. Still holding thumbs πŸ˜‰

  29. Christine

    21 October

    I would love to attend the bloggers boot camp as I need help spreading my delicious baked treats world wide. choose me choose me choose me ;p

  30. Jacci

    21 October

    I’ve liked on fb, followed on twitter + tweeted.
    I’d like to attend as I’m in the process of starting a new blog and I’m sure with the boot camp it could be fabulous!
    Pick me!

  31. Jani

    22 October

    hello Lana,
    I have a worskshop that Saturday! I am soooo sad about that! Won’t you please please consider having a second date for this?
    I know it’s ridiculous to ask actually, these things don’t just happen, I know. But maybe another workshop with less of the treats even, just for the help/information? We could EVEN have one here in VERBEELDING (where the Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT

  32. Chereen

    23 October

    What a fantastic workshop! I would absolutely LOVE to attend! My blog is currently hosted by blogspot, but I have been thinking about migrating to wordpress for a while now. Only problem? I have no idea where to begin! This workshop would be a great place to start πŸ™‚

  33. Charl

    23 October

    I followed both twitter accounts and tweeted via @charlddp πŸ™‚

  34. Nicola

    23 October

    I’d really love to attend, I’m trying to get back into blogging and I think the bootcamp could really help. (I like Blogger Bootcamp on Facebook)

  35. Robyn

    24 October

    I’ve liked the Blog Boot Camp Facebook page! I’d love to attend as I started a blog a while a go but would love tips on how to really make it stand out and also just to generally make it a site that people enjoy stopping by to read and look at!

  36. Robyn

    24 October

    I’ve liked Blog Boot Camp on Twitter, am already following @lanaloustyle and have also tweeted about it:

    “@caperobin: Win a ticket to @blogbootcampSA with speakers Kathryn Rossiter & @lanaloustyle ! Looks really amazing! Enter here:

  37. Teresa

    24 October

    What a fab prize! I have liked the FB page, followed on Twitter & tweeted the comp…. fingers crossed!

  38. Jade Bush

    24 October

    I would love to WIN this πŸ™‚ I have my website and blog and would love to network with other like minded individuals and learn some new tips!

  39. Christine

    24 October

    I have tweeted cant wait yey

  40. Christine

    24 October

    Shared on facebook I absolutely love poetry so glad theres a chance to win eeek too excited.

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