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Let’s get organised

Let’s get organised

Cecilies-Lykke's-officeImage credit: Cecilies Lykke

I spent quite a bit of my weekend in spring cleaning mode and as a result, my office is looking so much more organised and tidy! I still need to paint two more bookcases and then I’ll  share some photos with you. In the meanwhile I thought I’d share some inspiring work spaces and desks to help you get your space looking good.

Of course an office needs to be functional first and foremost but since many of us spend most of our day behind a desk, why not make it an inviting and inspiring space too?

Step one –  clear out and get rid of all the junk… be ruthless! Remember you can always donate some of your unwanted goodies to a charity shop.  Get all the basics sorted out, good lighting, seating and the correct size desk.

Step two – the fun part, add your own personal and creative touches…

– a vase of fresh flowers or pot plants for greenery
– display your stationery in pretty vessels
– make an inspiring pin board or create an art wall with your favourite prints
– get creative with your storage

Hop over to my pinterest board for some clever DIY ideas.

Creative office inspiration

Creative office inspiration


Creative office inspiration

Office inspiration

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  1. Nadia

    27 January

    Such lovely inspiration. My office clean out has taken me the most ridiculous amount of time! Enjoy your tidy office. x

    • Lana

      28 January

      Thanks Nadia, it’s been quite a process! I’ve got so many styling props which just look like clutter, so I’ve been trying to store these away neatly and get rid of the unnecessary… not such an easy task! Have a productive week ahead xx

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