Irresistible Stanford ice cream

Irresistible Stanford ice cream


Finding a good coffee is always a must for me and while we were staying in Stanford, Coffee Corner became our local coffee spot. Delicious cappuccinos as well as fantastic light meals and breakfasts are on offer. Coffee Corner is a lovely cool escape from the summer heat and they offer wifi too.

Coffee Corner, Stanford

A new and delightful addition to the village, is Don Gelato, an Italian family-run ice cream parlour. As opposed to ice cream which is mass produced, ‘Gelato’ is home-made and follows the traditional Italian recipe. They only use fresh and organic ingredients which are all locally sourced from the Overberg region. We escaped into the coolness of Don Gelato on more than one occasion and relaxed in their spacious lounge while treating ourselves to their delicious gelato.

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Don Gelato, Stanford

Don Gelato, Stanford

Don Gelato, Stanford

Don Gelato, 23 Queen Victoria Street, Stanford

Coffee Corner, Corner Morton & Daneel Streets, Stanford
Tel: 028 3410 034

All photography: Lana Kenney ©

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  1. Sandy

    22 January

    Yummy but CRAZY expensive gelato!

    • Lana

      22 January

      True!! But at least the price helps you not be too greedy 😉

  2. Sandy

    22 January

    Indubitably 🙂

  3. Pippa J

    22 January

    Aaah, am hearing so much about Stanford lately, I need to make a plan to go and visit, will keep an eye out for both these spots when I eventually do get there..

  4. Lionello

    21 May

    I was googleing Don Gelato and found your blog…
    We would like to thank you for the nice comments on our place and our
    products… Are comments like yours that motivate all of us to do always better.

    Looking forward to see you again at Don Gelato, whish you all the best.



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