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On Trend – Moroccan rugs

Moroccan rug

I’m sure you would have noticed plenty of these striking Moroccan rugs popping up in interiors and they’ve definitely become a trend. These Berber rugs were traditionally made by the Beni Ouarain tribes of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and were originally used as bedding in winter. Woven from long strands of wool, the rugs are handmade and 100% wool. Usually cream or white in colour with diamond or zigzag geometric patterns, trimmed in a knotted fringe.

Beni Ouarain rugs work surprisingly well in contemporary settings and can be worked into so many different looks. So far I’ve mostly spotted them in homes across the seas but now that Weylandts is stocking four designs I’m sure we’ll see more of them being used locally. I really do love the plush textured feel and natural, slightly imperfect look.

Here are a few lovely examples to give you some ideas…

Moroccan rug

Moroccan rug

Moroccan rug

Moroccan rug

Moroccan rug

Image credits: 1 & 11) El Ramla Hamra, 2, 6 & 10) Laure Joliet Photography, 3) Mimi + Meg, 4) At home in love, 5) Weylandts, 7) Weylandts, 8) Muima*, 9) Vogue Living Australia May/June 2014


  1. jo

    27 June

    Lovely to see these gorgeous carpets! We’d love to encourage people to take time to find the original old Beni Ouarain carpets — really quite rare these days – as they have an aura and presence that’s quite different to new pieces. We bring very old ‘benis’ back from Morocco to the UK and ship them worldwide, going deep into Berber villages to find them. Jo 0044 1621782090

  2. I bought one of those stiff sea grass rugs a while back and have wanted to relegate it to our spare room every since I got it. It’s hard under foot and I always seem to get caught up in the corners of it. This is just the replacement I wanted. Something soft and striking! Thanks for the inspiration.

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