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Urban veggie garden

Urban veggie garden

One of the best things I saw on my trip to Joburg was a veggie garden that I spotted in Craighall Park. This particular household has turned their verge into a vegetable garden and the best thing… it’s for their neighbourhood not themselves. Yes, their whole verge dedicated is to growing vegetables and herbs which anyone can go and pick. The only rule… just pick what you can eat. Isn’t this a wonderful idea? I’d love to see these start popping up in Cape Town.

Urban veggie garden

There’s nothing like picking one’s own vegetables, fruit and herbs, it really brings a lot of joy and contentment to know you’ve grown your food yourself.Β  If you get creative you can actually achieve this in the smallest of spaces, from clever container gardens to roof tops. I’ve got a few herbs on the go but I want to plant more veggies. What are your thoughts on vegetable gardens? Do you have green fingers?

Rooftop garden

Vegetable picking

Eagle Street - The Selby

Veggie gardens

Image credits: 1, 2, 3, 5 & 7) Lanalou Style, 4) Photo by JoJo Demirel via Urban gardens, 6) Eagle Street Farm, photo by The Selby, 8) Pallet garden DIY by DIY Enthusiasts

  1. so nice! Hopefully one day we will all have these πŸ™‚

  2. Pippa J

    30 July

    What street is this in? I wanna go and look, what an amazing concept!

    • Lana

      30 July

      Hi Pippa! It’s near the corner of Rutland Ave & Abbey Drive πŸ™‚

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