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Nail Art – make a statement!

Nail Art – make a statement!

Confetti Nail Art

Now that summer is around the corner, we’re seeing bright, uplifting colours and fun summer prints popping up in outfits and store windows. But why limit this to only your wardrobe? Lately nail art has become quite a trend and once you start looking, you’ll find there are hundreds of creative ways to decorate your nails.

Many of the images I’m sharing today are from an amazing French blog called pshiiit. Camille is a nail polish addict and features amazing inspiration and the cleverest tutorials.

Whether you prefer a more subtle look or something that demands attention, why not give it a try and take your nails up a notch?!

ethnic nails

Floral and Dots Nail Art

I absolutely love this look with the fine gold strips and it’s actually so easy to achieve with gold nail tape! Take a look at this handy tutorial.

Nude and Gold Nail Art

Obre and French Nail Art

Pastel and Patterned Nail Art

My Awesome Beauty

Image credits: 1 & 2) Confetti nail tutorial by Studio DIY, 3) Ethnic ikat tutorial by Pshiiit, 4) Floral Nail Art by Kaitlyn Dreyling, 5) Petite peinture, 6) Jewellery by Bing Bang NYC, nails by Christina Rinaldi, 7) ombre, 8) Colourful french manicures by Chic & Geek, 9) Pastel geometric nails by Pshiiit, 10) Pshiiit, 11) My Awesome Beauty

  1. Ruth

    1 September

    Mmm, the tiny polka dots look so good. And with that gold rim. Reminds me of expensive porcelain, TBH.

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