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Rustic/Chic Wedding Inspiration

Rustic/Chic Wedding Inspiration

Hello Lanalou Style readers! I’m Dianna over at Our Sweetened Life and I’m thrilled to be on Lana’s lovely blog. I’m here today to bring you some spring wedding inspiration.  When it comes to weddings, I’m drawn to simplicity with sophisticated accents.  I find combining natural elements with modern elements can be so romantic. Outdoor weddings can provide some lovely natural beauty to your backdrop and quite the canvas to work with!

wedding floral 01

 FLORAL | How cool is that daisy flower pathway? It can also be used to surround the couple as they say their “I dos”!  Some rustic/chic ideas for bouquets are to combine various textures such as succulents with wispy yarrow or baby’s breath. Or try combining an elegant flower like peony with various herbs.  Consider using different textures to hold your floral together such as twine and pearls or a beautiful satin cuff with a rustic bouquet….gorgeous!  Something else I really like is when the bridesmaids have a very simplistic bouquet such as all baby’s breath. I think the mono-floral of the bridesmaids bouquets allows the bride’s bouquet to really stand out.

wedding style 01wedding inspiration

STYLE | It’s all about the beautiful bride! I absolutely adore the bohemian style dress above. It’s more on the casual end, but it’s so irresistibly flattering and comfy looking.  Brides really have such diversity in how they can style their hair, accenting by using a small birdcage veil, very long thin veil, or even a crown of flowers. The crown of flowers would be beautiful for a spring wedding!  I’ve always loved the idea of cowboy boots (and wore them at my own wedding) —there is something so sexy about the rustic boot meets wedding gown and every bride can pull it off. And when I saw the lace Tom shoes, I thought: Of course! Why not? This is genius!

rustic wedding moodrustic weddding mood

MOOD | I love seeing the personalities of the couple all throughout their wedding decor. It’s all in the details! Setting the mood for your special day is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning.  Doesn’t that beautiful white drape really pop against the red barn? It transforms the space and adds sophistication to the otherwise drab barn!  The look of old, weathered books stacked up as table decor with tiered candles/lanterns and elegant flower arrangements is so so so romantic.  The idea of a sky lantern release is such a unique way to get your guests involved in a meaningful moment during your reception.

I hope you all enjoyed my wedding inspiration for an outdoor rustic/chic event! I want to thank Lana again for having me here today. Happy wedding planning!

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