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DIY gift ideas

Consol Jar gift ideas
Recently Consol sent me some of their new colour chalkboard jars and asked me to come up with a few DIY gift ideas using their jars. What with Christmas coming up and end of year, one really needs to get thinking about gifts. I love the idea of a personal, homemade gift and what can be nicer than packaging it in a beautiful jar that can be re-used?

Consol Jars
DIY idea #1: Get creative in the kitchen and make some delicious homemade granola or what about some Banting friendly museli. Write out the recipe on a pretty card and attach to the jar as well.

Consol Jar gift ideas
Consol Jar gift ideas
DIY idea #2: Forget about lucky packets, make your own customised lucky jars instead! Get creative and add a fun selection of goodies.
Consol Jar gift ideas
DIY idea #3: Make your own body butter, there’s really nothing better than a thoughtful homemade gift!

Consol Jar gift ideas
All photography: Lana Kenney ©

  1. Melanie

    21 November

    Would love to know if one can buy the colour labels on their own.
    Do you perhaps know ?

    • Lana

      23 November

      Hi Melanie, the labels are ‘painted’ onto the jars, they are not stuck on. So you wouldn’t be able to buy them separately.

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