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Kids rooms: get playful


As you know I don’t focus on kiddies interiors and goodies on my blog but lately quite a few of my friends have welcomed little ones into the world. And so I thought I’d do a few posts on kids’ bedrooms and how to create a unique, fun space. I’m loving these more quirky spaces that are quite popular at the moment.

Keeping the room neutral and just adding pops of colour or pastels keeps it looking fresh and makes it easy if you choose not to know your baby’s gender before you give birth. Add some cute characters whether it’s cushions, toys or posters. I love these from Oyoy and Menagerie.

What do you think of these cute kiddies’ spaces?








Image Credits: 1) Oyoy, 2) Varpunen, 3) Bondville, 4) Deco & Living, 5) Design Sponge, 6) Linda ร…hman, 7) Mini Style, 8) Julie Ansiau, 9 & 10) Mini Style, 11) Buzzanova


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