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Going Green

Towards the end of last year I started getting into freshly pressed veggie juices and so as a New Year’s gift to ourselves, my partner and I treated ourselves to a fancy juicer. So far the juices I’ve made have been absolutely delicious but I’ve been sticking to the same ingredients. So the next step is to start experimenting with different ingredients and flavours and of course to start whipping up some green drinks. Whether it’s an alkalizing green juice or a super-powered green smoothie, the health benefits are huge and green is the way to go!

What are your thoughts on green drinks? Health fad or life-changing elixir? I’ve rounded up a selection of green drink recipes for us to try out…

Glorious Green Smoothie

Glorious Green Protein Smoothie – by Jennifer K Reilly via  KRIS CARR

Kale & Ginger Smoothie + Mango Matcha Smoothie

Kale-Ginger Smoothie – by THE ROASTED ROOT & Mango Matcha Smoothie – by THE ROASTED ROOT

Green Lemonade

Green Lemonade – by KRIS CARR

Coconut Kale Smoothie + Green Jazz Juice

Raidiance Boosting Coconut Kale Smoothie – by MAKING THYME FOR HEALTH & Green Jazz Juice – by EARTHSPROUT


Greenylicious Super Smoothie – by EARTHSPROUT

Healthy Green Smoothie + Strawberry Fields

Healthy Green Smoothie – by THE CHALKBOARD & Strawberry Fields Smoothie – by KRIS CARR

Mojito Green Juice

Mojito Green Juice – by Sonnet Lauberth via KRIS CARR

  1. lexi bird

    13 January

    Green juice is the bomb, I am a firm believer in the powers of fresh juices. I just bought the “its all good’ book by Gwyneth Paltrow, it has some really rad juice recipes in it (and a lot of other really great info and recipes). Also, go and visit Beatrice at Raw and Roxy in Woodstock, the chick is a raw/vegan guru. She really has taught me a lot!

    • Lana

      14 January

      Hi Lexi, thanks for the tip, I’ll check out the book. And yes, I’ve heard so much about Raw and Roxy! It’s been on my “To Visit” list for a while now… I better get down there soon 🙂
      Hope all is well with you!x

  2. We’ve been thinking about getting a juicer too. I hope you’ll let us know how your juicing adventure goes! I think it’s a tasty way to be healthier. Juicing in the summer and soups in the winter 🙂 x

    • Lana

      14 January

      Hi Colleen
      Yes, I will do! I’m looking forward to seeing the health benefits but I think that will take some time. At the moment I’m loving the ritual and can’t wait for each morning to get my juice fix! I’m also a big soup fan 🙂

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