Make things happen – New Year freebies

Make things happen – New Year freebies

Make things happen 2015

Happy New Year friends! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic break and are ready for an inspired 2015! To kick off the new year, I’m sharing some fabulous free printables with you, thanks to Fathima Kathrada of Happiness is…

Fathima has created a fun desktop wallpaper, motivational poster and 2015 goal planner for us, with the theme “Make things happen”. What a great mantra for 2015!

Scroll down to download the printables and to find out more about Fathima.

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Desktop calender 2015

Make things happen 2015

Goal planner 2015

 Fathima is a graphic designer and illustrator from Durban who creates beautiful illustrations and designs, working in pen, watercolour paints and sometimes ink. Her illustrations have a lovely handmade and feminine feel to them. Do follow her blog for plenty of design inspiration and to find out more about Durban’s hip spots. You can also purchase some of her work here and here.

Q & A with Fathima…

Where do you find inspiration?
I enjoy botanical, floral styles so I look to nature quite a lot for inspiration. I’m also inspired by talented illustrators and designers online and that inspires me to constantly work at improvement.

Your current colour crush…
I’ve never been a fan of anything shiny, but have recently been uncharacteristically drawn to the shimmery side and am loving rose gold. Also love the combination of green and bronze.

The favourite part of your job…
Hearing feedback from happy clients and positive comments from blog readers makes me really happy. It’s so rewarding to be able to inspire someone or share happiness via my blog, and to be able to help my clients realise their business goals with design that suits their needs.

Your interiors style…
I’d say… eclectic, haha. I like having lots of things around me that I find special or interesting so that ends up in a bit of a mish-mash of all sorts of things. I feel like if I look at any small section of my space, it reflects my personality.

Your perfect day…
My perfect day would involve being outdoors amongst lush green trees and animals, a cool breeze, some good reading material, some doodling, and good coffee with yummy treats.

Dream buy…
Oooh… short term realistic dream buy would be a car upgrade. A more ambitious, long term, one-day dream buy (or buys) would be a trip around the world.

Which is your favourite social media platform?
It used to be Twitter, but is now Instagram.

3 favourite design bloggers…
Sean Wes
Breanna Rose
Design Crush

Connect with Fathima – Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Blog | Portfolio


Click here to download the desktop wallpaper
Click here to download the motivational poster
Click here to download the 2015 goal planner

These “Make things happen” printables are free for personal use only, not for commercial use. You can print as many as you like for yourself or as a gift for someone. You are not allowed to sell this printable in digital or print form, nor to distribute it in any form.


  1. Joanne

    12 January

    Love these!
    Looking forward to a really fabulous 2015 and what better way to start it than with one of Fathima’s gorgeous creations.
    Thanks 🙂

  2. fathima

    12 January

    Thanks so much for the lovely post, Lana! 🙂

  3. Carmia

    12 January

    What a great interview! I adore Fathima’s designs and illustrations. Thanks for the freebies!

  4. So beautiful! x

  5. Lana

    14 January

    Thanks for all your comments, creative ladies! Wishing you all a fabulously CREATIVE and inspiring 2015!

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