Summer time at Babylonstoren

Babylonstoren pear vodka

Last week I paid a trip to Babylonstoren along with a friend who is just as much of a fan as I am. We arrived at 10am for the garden tour which was fantastic. The tour took us through the garden, showcasing what’s in season and revealing a few insider secrets. Definitely a must do for your next visit.

What I love about Babylonstoren is the endless creativity and attention to detail. They’re experimenting with pear trees… covering a few of the pears with beautiful bottles. Once the pears are grown, pear infused vodka is on the cards. We also spotted apples with little white hearts stuck on them. These apples will turn red due to exposure to the sunlight and will leave little green hearts behind. Sweetest idea ever!


The Snail is the latest addition to the garden, an open air structure covered with exotic pumpkins and vines. Hanging green gourds looking like magical chandeliers. So incredible!


Their shop is always filled with tempting goodies. I loved the organic ceramic plates and delft inspired tea towels.


The garden tour ends at the Green House where they serve visitors a seasonal tea made with herbs and flowers from the garden.




ChickenImage credit: Karoline Kristen

Friendly chickens gate crashed our impromptu picnic on the lawn, so delightful! And don’t leave before you’ve rested on the soft chamomile lawn…

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Chamomile lawn

Image credits: Chamomile lawn image by Babylonstoren, all other images by Lana Kenney ©



  1. Gail

    6 February

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 Babylonstoren is quite definitely one of my favourite “return to ” places!!

    • Lana

      9 February

      Absolutely! It should be a prerequisite for any visitor to Cape Town!x

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