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Moebe Frame

Moebe Frame
I’m mad about this frame created by Moebe, a Copenhagen based design studio. The frame consists of four pieces of oak and two pieces of plexiglass which are held together by a rubber band. Such a simple yet clever concept which allows for endless variations. How beautiful are the pressed flowers and leaf artworks?

Moebe Frame Moebe Frame
Image credits: 1. Photo by Chris Tonnesen, Styling: Ida Lærke for Moebe | 2. Ida Lærke  | 3. Photo by Anitta Behrendt for Bolig Magasinet | 4. Leaf art DIY by Monsterscircus

  1. Kim Grey

    5 May

    I love the simple, elegant look of this frame. The pressed leaves and flowers are beautifully presented this way. Then, the wall colour could change the “image” in such interesting ways.

  2. Kelly Brook

    6 May

    Absolutely love this!

  3. Cristina

    7 May

    Wow!!! Genius, love it!

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