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Decorate with edible flowers

Edible flowers
I bought the most gorgeous tub of edible flowers from Boschendal’s Farm Shop last week. Filled with pansies, violas and all sorts of pretty… I just couldn’t resist! 

A sprinkling of fresh flowers can really make a salad or dish stand out and is sure to make your guests smile. So take a look and see if you have any unsuspecting edible flowers in your own garden or neighbourhood. Other edible flowers to look out for are nasturtiums, carnations, roses, peonies, camelias, chrysanthemums, dahlias and hibiscus.

Edible flowers

Edible flowers

 Edible flowers

Edible flowers
All photography: Lana Kenney Β©

  1. Gail

    22 January

    That’s sooo pretty – who could resist a bowl of salad like that!!

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