Local artists to watch

Andrew Sutherland
One of my new year’s resolutions is to make more of an effort to visit art galleries and exhibitions and to appreciate our local talent. Seeing art up close and in person makes all the difference.

Andrew Sutherland currently has an exhibition at 99 Loop Gallery. I absolutely love these dreamy jungle scenes from ‘No One’s Land’. The show runs until 24 March so you only have 2 days left to go and view!

Andrew Sutherland Illustration by Kirsten Sims
Kirsten Sims is another Cape Town artist whose work I love. Her illustrations have a playful sense to them and conjure up wonderful stories. Kirsten will be having a solo exhibition at Salon91 running from 30 March to 23 April. Be sure to check out ‘You are here’.

You can also read a great interview with Kirsten over on Jung Katz.

Illustration by Kirsten Sims Illustration by Kirsten Sims

  1. Elisabeth

    23 March

    I love the first one, and the second on the left.

  2. Casey

    29 March

    Hey Lana, thanks for including our interview with Kirsten. Love the post and your blog looks great!


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