Flowers for the Minimalist

Minimalist flowers
Continuing with my Flower Gift Guide 101, today’s post looks at buying flowers for the Minimalist in your life. I always love getting flowers and when I’m given a bunch that suits my style, I’m even happier.

The Minimalist will enjoy flowers that are simple and unfussy. Don’t do bright colours and frills, rather go for single stems that will make a statement in the right vase or choose a monochromatic bunch of bulbs such as tulips or hyacinths. Foliage and greenery are also a yes. Think large Delicious Monster leaves, Strelitzia leaves or Penny gum.  

If it’s a birthday gift, you might want to include a beautiful vase too. 

STYLE: Simple, understated, single stems, 
COLOURS: whites, greens, monochromatic
FLOWERS: Bulbs (Tulips/Hyacinths), King Protea, Foliage ( Penny Gum / Delicious Monster leaves/Strelitzia leaves) 
ACCESSORISE WITH: concrete vases / large barrel glass vases / geometric vases 

Minimalist flowers
Minimalist flowers
Image credits: 1. Cardboard vases by Snug Studio | 2. Cox & Cox dipped concrete vase | 3. Photo by Abbie Melle | 4. Photo by Hannah Lemholt | 5.  Mo + Mo Living | 6. The White Label | 7. Brushed brass vase | 8. Cox & Cox Milo vase


  1. Tariq Aleem

    6 April

    Beautiful Designs I like it

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