Hanging up: Mirror wall ideas

Hanging up: Mirror wall ideas

Mirror wall inspiration
There’s nothing new about creating a statement wall adorned with mirrors but these days we have so many mirror options available that it’s easy to create a really unique and interesting gallery-style feature. A mirror wall can work in just about any room but the key is to choose a variety of mirrors in different shapes and sizes.

My tips on where to find unusual mirrors in Cape Town…

For vintage mirrors: Vamp, Woodstock Vintage 
For round mirrors with chain: Moroccan Warehouse
For round mirrors with leather strap: Dark Horse 
For round and modern shapes: LIM

Mirror wall inspiration Mirror wall inspiration Mirror wall inspiration Mirror wall inspiration Mirror wall inspiration
1. Tab rectangular mirrors from Urban Outfitters | 2. Petra Bindel via SF Girl by Bay | 3. Milk Decoration | 4 & 5. Photos by Anna Malmberg for Born Collector | 6. Photo by Hans Mossel for vtwonen | 7. Lonny | 8. Industrial wall mirror from Urban Outfitters | 9. Averly mirror from Urban Outfitters

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