Moody food story inspiration

Moody organic shoot
Two weekends ago I joined Hanlie from Slow Wanderings for a morning workshop in Paarl. Hanlie has a distinctive style and is know for creating gorgeous moody imagery. I’m really drawn to this look and love the feelings it evokes even though it’s not my personal style. So I was keen to go along for the morning and learn more about capturing these dark, rustic looks.

Hanlie styled some simple, organic settings for us with the help of Kweek Studio. After a morning of experimenting and playing, I managed to create some photos that I was happy with and realised that bright, light and colourful images come more naturally to me! So I’ll continue to be inspired by this look but won’t try and capture it myself.

These are some of the talented foodies that I follow over on Instagram – they know how to capture that organic, moody essence to perfection. Do you have any faves that you follow?

Eva Kosmas Flores / Our Food Stories / Local Milk / Valentina Hortus / What for breakfast / Linda Lomelino

Moody food stories
A few more images from the morning…
Moody organic shoot
Moody organic shoot
Moody organic shoot
All photography: Lana Kenney ©

  1. Kim Sequoia

    5 October

    Those are gorgeous photos, Lana! I totally get what you mean about being more drawn to bright, light imagery. I feel the same, but I do love to see beautiful moody, darker photos, too–especially of food. I just love your shot of chocolate being drizzled onto the cake. What a delicious moment!

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