Say hello to Terrazzo… again

Studio Henry
Yes, Terrazzo is back and with a bang! This composite material is popping up in trendy restaurants and luxury homes. Although it still has a hint of the 70s, the new look is more contemporary and bold.

Terrazzo originated in Venice as a low cost flooring material, originally consisting of scrap marble chips set in clay. These days it’s composed of chips of marble, granite, quartz, and/or glass which are suspended in a cement or polymer binder. You’ll spot Terrazzo designs appearing in the fashion world and in homewares too.

We actually have old school Terrazzo tiles on our stoep and even though I’m now looking at them in a different light, I’m still not convinced! These new bolder designs however are more eye catching and certainly make a statement. What are your thoughts? Is it a yes or no?

Form Maker
Urban Outfitters
urban outfitters

Form Maker
Image Credits: 1. Studio Henry | 2. Dzek Marmoreal | 3. Form Maker | 4 & 9. Urban Outfitters | 5. Tikkamoon | 6. Form Maker | 7. Urban Outfitters | 8. Photowall | 10. Dzek Marmoreal

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