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Just one more day until the start of August, this year seems to be flying by! I’ve updated my What’s On page so do hop over and sign up for some fun events and happenings. Feel free to let me know about any upcoming events, I’ll add them if they’re a good fit.

I’ve started listing upcoming fun runs on my What’s On page especially since I really enjoy doing the Saturday morning trail runs that take place on various wine estates in and around Cape Town. Now that spring is around the corner… I’m sure many of you might want to kick into exercise mode too. So check that out. It’s Women’s Day next week Wednesday and there are 2 fun runs taking place on the day. The Totalsports Women’s Race in the city centre (last day to enter today) and a trail run at Durbanville Hills.

Here are a few highlights for the month ahead…
Join mushroom guru, Gary Goldman, for a mushroom foraging experience this week. Armed with nothing but baskets, boots and pocket knives you’ll head into the forest and learn how to track down elusive porcini, pine rings, slippery Jacks and more. You’ll go home with a bounty of delicious wild edible mushrooms to cook at home.

Satisfy your wanderlust and head out to the country on the scenic Route62, for the annual Robertson Slow Festival which takes place this weekend. Festival goers will be able to interact with winemakers and wine farmers in an informal setting, experience the intricate winemaking process and discover the story behind the bottle as well as indulging their taste buds with country cuisine.

The crazy and colourful Grifizzi Brothers carnival comes to Stellenbosch from 5 – 27 August, offering everything from caravans and acrobatics to live music and food trucks. Created by Richard Griffin and the talented Madame Zingara team, this is sure to be a fun experience.

For those of you who want to try something more creative then sign up for the Dayfeels ceramic workshop where you’ll learn the basics of clay moulding and making. You will be guided through the process from clay to glaze and share two creative evenings in the beautiful Margot Molyneux shop. Amor will share her own creative journey into the world of ceramics before demonstrating some of the basic molding and glazing techniques. You will then move onto practical time creating, listening to some good music, connecting and enjoying some drinks and treats.

Here’s to a fabulous August!

Image credit: Mushroom foraging photograph by Jenni Elizabeth

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