Tour an art lover’s colourful and eclectic C...

Tour an art lover’s colourful and eclectic Cape Town home

art lover's colourful house tour

Through doing my house tours for Apartment Therapy, I’ve met some amazing Cape Town creatives. Jean Mortlock definitely falls into this category too. Although a photographer by trade, Jean is currently working in the advertising field and will soon be branching out into the interiors and art industry.

Jean’s home has a wonderful, warm feel and is filled with colour, art, plant life and interesting pieces collected on her travels. As Jean says, “A home is a story, a story of my life”. Hop over to for the full house tour. Enjoy!

Ethnic Fushion

GET THE LOOK: 1 & 10. Binga & Mapanzi baskets from Ashanti | 2. Superbalist Riaki cushion | 3. H&M Glass vase | 4. H&M Stoneware vase | 5. Matisse print from All Posters | 6. Woolworths Etched Wooden box | 7. Harridans bag | 8. H&M Patterned cushion cover | 9. Superpablist Jagged stripe rug

art lover's colourful house tour

Image credits: Lana Kenney for Apartment Therapy ©

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