Up your indoor plant game with Boston ferns

Up your indoor plant game with Boston ferns

Bourne Hollingsworth-Conservatory

Indoor plants are becoming more and more popular and it’s interesting to see how different plants have their trending moments. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is now of course on everyone’s radar and has become really hard to source in Cape Town! The fact that it does so well in low light is a real selling point. Another plant that is slowly becoming more popular again is the Boston fern. It’s related to the Sword fern which has more upright fronds and was popular back in Victorian times. The Boston fern has dropping fronds which make it a great choice for a hanging plant.

At first I wasn’t a fan but they’ve been growing on me more and more. I particularly love it when they are used as hanging plants in lush settings with plenty of plant life. These ferns also help purify the air. What are your thoughts?

If you’re a fan of plants, interiors and coffee table books, then you might want to check out Greenterior: Plant loving Creatives and their homes.  It looks like such a stunning book featuring gorgeous homes with a focus on the presence of plants. The book also contains a handy index listing all the plants featured in the photographs, including their specific characteristics.

I’ve rounded up some Boston fern inspiration to get you in the green mood…

Boston Ferns - Indoor plants

George Sofa in leafy setting

Boston Fern - Indoor plants

Image credits: 1. Bourne and Hollingsworth | 2. Bakker | 3. Apartment Therapy | 4. Greenterior book via Trendland | 5. George sofa from Neptune | 6. Bellocq Tea Atelier via Spotted SF | 6. Vintage Revivals | 7. Happy River restaurant via Architectural Digest

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