Form meets function with Yahalomis ceramic wall ho...

Form meets function with Yahalomis ceramic wall hooks

Yahalomis ceramic wall hooks

One of the awesome things about having a blog is that you get to make connections with people worldwide. Recently Tal and Roy reached out out all the way from Tel-Aviv! They have a small design studio, Yahalomis, specialising in ceramic homeware that is modern, minimal and functional. All their products are handmade and produced in small batches by themselves. 

One of their newest products is their Ceramic Geo Hooks which are available in five different colours and five shapes. Tal kindly offered to send me a set to review and of course I jumped at the chance. After much deliberating I chose three circle hooks in white, yellow and turquoise to hang in our bedroom. These are perfect for hanging towels, scarves, gowns, bags… the list goes on! Their ceramic wall hooks have a beautiful matt finish and create such a fun focal point.

Yes, you will need a drill to install the hooks but the process is simple.
NB Make sure you use the correct drill size – rather start too small than too big as you can always make the hole larger but not smaller.

Yahalomis ceramic Geo hooks

Yahalomis ceramic wall hooks

Below are the various options available for their ceramic wall hooks. I love how the crosses and squares can create a totally different look if they are placed on their sides.

Yahalomis ceramic wall hooks

Yahalomis ceramic wall hooks

GEO HOOKS by Yahalomis

Image credits: Yahalomis & Lana Kenney ©

Disclosure: Yahalomis provided me with a complimentary set of their Geo hooks. As always, the opinions and thoughts shared are my own.

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