Top interior trends influenced by plants & bo...

Top interior trends influenced by plants & botanicals

The Home Studio

Interested in what 2018 holds for us in terms of interiors? Today local design expert, Karen Steyn, is giving us the low down on the top interior trends, all influenced by plants and botanicals. I recently connected with Karen who is the founder of a local interior design company, The Home Studio. Karen has a fantastic eye and design sense – her beautiful Instagram feed instantly lured me in!

Karen has worked across the world on projects ranging from hotels and cruise liners (and even an ambassadorial space for the Prince of Monaco!) to smaller city apartments. During this time she encountered a number of people that wanted to work with an interior designer but either didn’t have the budget or were advised that their projects were too small to be considered. This gave Karen the idea to create an interior design firm with a list of services available at every budget – such a great concept.

With a transparent pricing structure, The Home Studio gives you the opportunity to consult with their experts regardless of the scope of your project. And the best part is that your fee is capped at R500 per hour so there are no surprises or hefty bills at the end of the process. Hop over here to view their different services ranging from help with styling your home to a full renovation.

You’ll also want to bookmark The Home Studio blog which is full of inspiration, brilliant shopping guides, house tours, makeovers and more.

plant and botanical trends by the home studio

We have plants and botanicals to thank for blurring the borders between interior and exterior spaces, making for a new way of thinking about what we view as interior design. This trend has slowly been on the rise for the last few years, with more people filling their homes with plants and botanicals in a bid to counteract our urban lives.

This connection with nature and bringing the outdoors in, spills across to everything from open layouts and natural materials used in constructing our homes, to textures and organic shapes defining furniture design, as well as wallpaper prints, fabric patterns and smaller home accessories, such as ceramics and tableware.

That being said, these are the top trends we are seeing, influenced by plants and botanicals in interior design…


As has been the case in fashion, we are seeing more floral prints in bold, contrasting colours. This is particularly the case in fabrics like drapery, chairs, throw pillows and also wall coverings. Look no further than Ellie Cashman and her signature floral wallpaper for the perfect example. The key to making it work? Moderation. Make sure you have neutrals and basics to balance out the bold floral.

plant and botanical trends by the home studio


Instead of all white spaces reminiscent of Scandinavian design, people are embracing the earthiness of nature, with colours ranging from warm reds and caramel browns, to apricots, dusky rose, clay and terracotta shades. These modern, chalky variations are grown up pastels that work well across a range of interior styles, bringing sophistication and warmth to our spaces.

plant and botanical trends by the home studio


Plants are also having a moment in the art world. There has been a noticeable shift from “quote” artwork for plant and botanical prints to adorn our walls. There is something to be said about the contrast created between the artificial and the natural that brings a soothing element to a space.

plant and botanical trends by the home studio


Texture is even bigger this year, and incorporating natural elements into our home design, like wooden floors and stone materials, is one of the easiest ways to blur the line between inside and out. Furniture should have a natural, handmade feeling using organic shapes, with materials such as rattan and wicker coming to the fore.

plant and botanical trends by the home studio

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