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Swan Café adds a slice of Paris chic to the East C...

Swan Café adds a slice of Paris chic to the East City

Swan Cafe - East City Precinct

With a vibrant red, blue and white colour scheme, it’s no surprise that this delightful café is owned by French born and raised, Jessica Rushmere. This French crêperie is situated on bustling Buitenkant Street and is a refreshing, feminine and elegant addition to the East City Precinct. Thanks to Swan Café, Cape Town now has its own slice of Paris chic.

“Owner Jessica Rushmere has always identified with the swan. A graceful and majestic creature with mythological significance, these attributes play into the brand identity and the interior design, using the swan as an emblem and feminine oval shapes throughout.”

The interior was designed by Haldane Martin and the attention to detail is immediately visible with so many unique touches. The two striking wall features are what first catches your eye. On the side wall, Leonardo da Vinci’s “Leda and the Swan” is transformed into monochromatic dark blue and white and on the back wall, Jean-Léon Gérôme’s “Leda and the Swan” shows the curvaceous nude bathing in the lake with the swan and their half-mortal, half-divine offspring flying above. 

The furnishings pay homage to traditional French cafés, with marble bistro café tables and bespoke chairs, all picking up the brand’s signature colours. Copper and brass metallic vintage lights hang throughout with a cluster of bird cage lights as a focal point. I love the custom blue and white hexagonal tiles with the swan logo that are set into concrete screed flooring as well as the blue feather-shaped ceramic tiles on the main bar.

I popped in hoping to try out the menu and take a few photos but it was jam packed so I’ll have to report back on the food when I revisit. If the photos on Instagram are anything to go by… the crêpes, both sweet and savoury, look absolutely amazing. Enjoy the tour and photos thanks to Micky Hoyle…

Swan Cafe Cape Town

Swan Cafe Cape Town

Swan Cafe Cape Town

Swan Cafe Cape Town

Swan Cafe Cape Town

Swan Cafe Cape Town

Swan Cafe Cape Town

Image credits: Interior photography by Micky Hoyle, top image by myself, food image by Swan Café

  1. Gail

    20 July

    What a fun looking space — definitely worth a visit!!

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