At home with fine arts photographer & nature ...

At home with fine arts photographer & nature lover, Natascha van Niekerk

Meet Natascha van Niekerk, a talented fine art photographer and passionate maker with a deep appreciation of Mother Nature.

Natascha and her husband, Thinus, have chosen to lead a creative lifestyle, working from home and doing what they love as a team.

Their gorgeous home is in The Crags, a magical part of the Garden Route, just outside the popular Plettenberg Bay. The area spans a radius of 30km and is full of hidden gems, quirky shops, wildlife sanctuaries, wine estates and has access to some of the most incredible beaches, lagoons, walks and indigenous forests. The Crags is away from the town buzz  and the seasonal holidaymakers and appeals to those looking for peace and quiet, a slower pace and being more in tune with nature.

Join me on a tour of Natascha’s home for a dose of a nature infused inspiration… 

They bought their home just under 3 years ago and prior to this, the wooden house had not had any maintenance done for about 10 years. As you can imagine there was a lot to do! The most impactful change was sanding the floors and putting on a matt clear varnish and then painting the interior.
“I always say those are your two magic ingredients with an interior – paint and floors” says Natascha.

They took out a lot of cupboards in the kitchen and added new ones along with counters and open shelving. They then completely gutted and redid the main bathroom which was the biggest renovation project that they’ve taken on. The bathroom now has a light and airy feel with lovely contemporary fittings.

Natascha’s interior style leans towards minimalism and a Scandinavian aesthetic. She is not a keeper of things and truly lives by the motto, Less is More. She doesn’t like to have unnecessary or useless items lying around and the result is a home that is clutter free and that feels so spacious and light. I discover that she isn’t sentimental about the pieces in their home but she does  treasure the various artworks they’ve collected by local artists in The Crags and South Africa.

Natascha’s own prints are of course dotted throughout their home, along with plenty of plants and greenery.

The deck is Natascha’s favourite part of their home. The open-plan living area has large sliding doors that open out onto the deck and this gives you the feeling of always being outside and connected to nature whether you’re inside or out.

“ It’s a huge blessing and privilege to be able to live here, with the mountains, the big open spaces. Everything here is inspiring.”

Scandi cabin!

Local hikes
The Crags is in the perfect, most convenient spot. Close enough to Plett but also close to Nature’s Valley.

Fynboshoek cheese farm in Tsitsikamma is a wonderful lunch outing.

The Peppermill Café

I think some plain old stubbornness has given me the tenacity to keep building my brand and business through challenging times.

My husband, my doggies, the forest view from our deck, walks in Nature’s Valley, winter sun through the leaves.

One step forward, every day.

Natascha van Niekerk

Working from this haven is a joy and Natascha can’t imagine ever not doing so. It suits their lifestyle very well and gives them flexibility and the freedom of managing their time. Of course the challenge is to make sure that there is a separation between business and home life, as work can tend to take over. Natascha has her own office and Thinus has a separate workspace where he does all of the framing, so that helps greatly.

From her office window, Natascha looks out onto 300 year old trees and can watch the sunlight coming through and the leaves moving in the wind. She loves how simple and unassuming plants and leaves can be. We often tend to walk by them without noticing or paying attention. They are so incredibly beautiful with their detail and intricacies and she hopes that through her botanical and landscape work, that people will be encouraged to stop and take a closer look at nature.

Although Natascha studied photography and always knew that she wanted to sell her images and have them be prints and décor in people’s homes, she didn’t know that the outcome would be a successful online shop.

“We’ve always given our journey space to grow in an organic way. I always knew where I wanted to go but one has to take a few side paths here and there to get where you are going.”


Natascha van Niekerk

They’ve recently started manufacturing canvas prints and oversize prints which is a wonderful new addition to their business.


Natascha always has a whole list of new projects waiting to happen but is currently most excited about delving more into botanical plaster casts.

Natascha’s online shop is a feast of design inspiration thanks to the beautiful product images and rooms she creates to portray each print. Before she considers a new collection, she already has the specific look, feel and colour scheme in mind of how her prints will be incorporated into an interior. This really results in her creating art that has a home and a purpose.

Below are a few of her stunning art prints and rooms she’s created, hop over to the online store for more and stay updated via Instagram.
Natascha van Niekerk prints
Natascha van Niekerk prints
Natascha van Niekerk prints
Natascha van Niekerk prints

Photography: Lana Kenney {except for last 6 images}

  1. Gail

    25 September

    What a privilege to live right in the forest!! Absolutely stunning – love the deck, the bathroom & the minimalistic look, decorated with lovely art work.

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