Introducing SASSUI – all natural, plant base...

Introducing SASSUI – all natural, plant based, handmade, skincare range

Sassui products

Say hello to SASSUI…  
Plant-based | Environmentally friendly | Locally made

I’ve been looking for a natural skincare range for some time now, one that ticks all the boxes and I’m so happy to announce that the hunt is over!

I discovered SASSUI on my recent stay in the Garden Route and got to meet and chat to founder, Saskia. Her knowledge and passion for skincare is instantly evident and so inspiring. She makes every batch herself at her home studio, from start to finish, even applying the product labels at the very end. The ingredients are sourced as locally as possible and in some cases come straight out of her garden. 
SASSUI came about as a result of Saskia experiencing acne in her mid 20’s and then being diagnosed with a skin condition called rosacea in her mid 30’s and being told she needed medication to treat it.


“This wasn’t an option at the time and so I scoured the market for the best possible products. It became glaringly obvious that there was always a catch; either the list of ingredients didn’t appeal or it was tested on animals, had excessive packaging or not environmentally friendly, was imported, unattainable due to price. So, I started to experiment with making my own cream. It is important to have a bit of luck on your side when experimenting, so fortunately my first cream worked out perfectly and hence encouraged me to go further.

And, of course, it had to be simple and do a good job. And it did do a very good job!

Surprisingly, my skin started to recover. I realised that there are many more people out there on a similar journey and hence SASSUI spirit & skin care was born.”

* The entire range is plant-based, 100% vegetarian
* Free from Parabans, SLS, Preservatives, Artificial colours and fragrances
* All Natural Ingredients / Non-GMO
* Environmentally friendly – no excessive packaging or wasteful boxes, pamphlets etc
* The containers are recyclable, re-usable and/or returnable
* Carefully-blended Essential Oils are selected for their incredible skin enhancing properties and the therapeutic effects of various scents
* Ingredients are conscientiously sourced and selected
*Cruelty-free / Not tested on Animals

The range is designed to work in “building blocks”. Every day, week, month is different and so are our needs. Saskia encourages her clients to interchange their products adjusting to their skins needs. I love the flexibility of this approach. The products are well priced and the quality really is exceptional. Saskia advised me on a few products to begin with and since my skin tends to be dry and falls into the older skin category, it really did need some TLC desperately! I’ve been relishing all of the products and so has my skin.

Sassui products



This moisturiser is heavenly. I love the scent and the luxurious creamy feel – it leaves my skin with a lovely glow and sheen.

Key Ingredients: Jasmine especially in conjunction with rose is a fantastic skin & muscle toner as well as rejuvenator, keeping skin supple & firm. Carrot seed oil sends fine lines on their way and rosehip oil due to its high Vit C content stops the clock for you.

“Stop the clock and stimulate cellular renewal, giving wiser skins a youthful boost with moisturising SASSUI Jasmine & Rose face crème.
Nourishment for the wise skin and happiness for the spirit.”
– even their choice of words appeals to me!


This is definitely the best cleanser I’ve tried! This is a very gentle, kind cleanser that will help soothe & heal acne prone or irritated and stressed skin.

Key Ingredients: Ylang-Ylang has a soothing effect and its balancing action sorts out over-dry as well as overly-oily skin by correcting the secretion of sebum. Sandalwood relieves itching and inflammation of the skin, and is most effective in relieving dehydrated skin – making it great for anti-ageing skincare – and the astringent action has a great toning effect and is also used with great results in oily skin conditions and to prevent the skin from forming ugly scars and for fighting dry eczema as well as acne. Aloe Ferox helps with soothing & healing, Tumeric with cleansing & moisturising.

Sassui cleanser
Sassui cleanser
Sassui elixir
Sassui elixir


Saskia advised me to use the serum as a nightly treatment, as my skin has been feeling more dry than ever before. It’s incredibly nourishing and has a divine scent.
Key Ingredients: The key oil ingredients are Argan, Wheatgerm , Avocado oil, Macadamia Nut, Rosehip, Evening Primrose & Borage. 


Made with an energising blend of Neroli and Mandarin essential oils which prevents scarring. Spritz onto face after cleansing and let dry naturally. No need for cotton pads! I so appreciate the no-fuss approach of SASSUI. You can also use the toner as an in-between face refresh whenever the need arises.

Key Ingredients: Neroli Essential Oil has a great relaxing effect on the body and mind, relieving muscle spasms, calming heart palpitations and has a wonderful rejuvenating and regenerative effect on the skin, helping to prevent ugly scarring, lessening stretch marks and broken capillaries, promoting smoother skin. Mandarin reduces fluid retention while increasing circulation, taking away puffiness and replacing it with a glow.

Sassui skincare
Sassui skincare
The Sassui Shop


You can purchase Sassui products directly via their online shop, selected products from Faithful to Nature or from their shop in Plettenberg Bay. If you’re visiting the area, I highly recommend a visit. Apart from stocking the Sassui range, they also have a wonderful selection of locally made gifts.
The Shop, 9 Main Street, Plettenberg Bay
Tel: 084 511 5890

The Sassui Shop

Photography: Lana Kenney 

  1. Gail

    7 October

    Oh wow!! This range sounds absolutely fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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