New Brave ceramic collection from Rialheim

New Brave ceramic collection from Rialheim

Rialheim ceramic platters

You’ll probably know the name ‘Ceramic Factory’ but I’m not sure that many of you will have heard of Rialheim which is actually their new re-branded name.

So where does this name come from? The family farm launched semi-sweet white wine called Rialheim in 1980 in honour of its founder, Rial Kloppers. Rialheim means “Rial’s Home” and came about from his insistence that the farm’s homestead always appeared on the wine’s labelling to pay homage to his parents. Almost 90 years later, grandson Rial Visagie has decided to continue with this legacy by renaming his ceramic studio to Rialheim.

Based in Robertson, on the family farm, their ceramic studio and shop are well worth a visit.

Rialheim ceramic mugs

Rialheim have just launched their new Brave Collection which is made up of three unique ranges that work well together.

The Farmhouse Collection is characterised by Nguni cattle.
The My Africa Collection features lovely round shapes, raw terracotta accents, textures and fun splattered pieces. 
The Cape L’Agulhas Collection  is all about nautical inspired ceramics in a palette of blue, white and bronze.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite pieces from the three collections. I particularly love the faceted pieces and the combination of raw terracotta and glossy glazing.

Rialheim candles
Rialheim Brave range

“All our products are handcrafted with fun and love on our farm called Clairvaux, nestled in The Robertson wine valley in South Africa. We offer a variety of collections, inspired by current trends, nostalgic feel-good designs and quirky pieces made from quality African Clay.”

Rialheim ceramic platters
Rialheim ceramic platters
Rialheim ceramic jugs
Rialheim ceramic vases
Rialheim ceramic bowls

Image credits: Styling by Janita Doms & photography by Jomeri Mouton for Rialheim

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