Local Fabric Designers

I love beautiful fabrics and luckily we have such a wealth of fabulous local fabric designers. I wanted to share some of my favourites with you in case you’re hunting for that perfect design. Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow as well.
Skinny LaMinx
SKINNY LA MINX | This is probably one of South Africa’s best known fabric labels when it comes to the international market. Heather’s designs have a very distinctive unique feel to them, with a retro Scandinavian influence. One of the things I love about Heather’s fabrics is that the designs and colourways are carefully considered and pair so well with designs from previous ranges. Visit the Skinny laMinx shop on busy Bree Street.
Skinny LaMinx
DESIGN TEAM | Design Team has a wide range of beautiful hand printed fabrics. Their designs are fun and quirky and have a very South African flavour. You’ll find proteas, springbok, fynbos and other local elements featured in their designs. Visit their showroom on Harrington Street in Town.

Design Team
INDIGI DESIGNS | Indigi Designs is another local company that infuses African flavour with a contemporary feel. Their fabrics are bright, bold and often characterised by strong geometric patterns. Visit their showroom at The Woodstock Foundry.
Indigi Design
SARAH ORD | Sarah’s Tesserae range is a striking, contemporary collection on a beautiful linen base cloth. I’m mad about the over-sized chevron and antique tile inspired pattern. Visit Sarah’s shop on Bree Street.
Sarah Ord


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