V Day sweet treat – Coconut bars

V Day sweet treat – Coconut bars

Coconut bars

This week I had a fun baking session with a friend where we tried to create these yummy looking Raw Bounty Bars.

We didn’t have the correct sized cooling track which turned out to be key in the recipe’s success! So if you scroll down to the bottom of the post you’ll see the disastrous ‘Behind the scenes’ pic. We created a huge mess and since most of the bars broke in half, we ended up just drizzling them with chocolate instead of coating them. They were delicious so if you’re a fan of coconut bars, I would still give the recipe a try. Our tip, add less honey. We also added some fresh beetroot juice to the mix as we wanted a pink filling for Valentine’s day.

Just for fun, be sure to watch Suzelle’s latest DIY. How to win someone’s heart this Valentine’s Day… so hilarious! Have a great weekend!

Coconut choc bars

Coconut choc bar prep

Coconut ice

What not to do…

Behind the scenes - Coconut bars

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