New CT foodie spots

Chardonnay Deli
Image credits: Photos by Pritti for The Pretty Blog

There are a bunch of new restaurants and foodie spots on the Cape Town scene and I can’t wait to check them all out. I thought I’d list a few of them here in case you want do some exploring over the upcoming long weekend.

You’ll find Chardonnay Deli at the old farm stall near Groot Constantia. You can enjoy a Truth coffee in a lovely rustic setting along with a selection of artisan breads, cakes, quiches and more. Or treat yourself to some of their deli goodies.

Chardonnay Deli
Image credits: 1. The Pretty Blog  | 2. Chardonnay Deli

Inside & You’re Out Burgers is situated on the ever popular Bree Street and is your go-to place for  delicious and creative burgers. Their burgers sound and look mouth watering!

IYO Burgers
Image credits: 1. Nifty250  | 2. IYO Burgers

El Camino is a new eatery on Buitengracht Street in the heart of Town. According to EatOut… “The menu is a mix of café classics: Asian-style dishes, influenced by Marijus’s time as a sushi chef, and more local comfort food”. Sounds just up my street!

El Camino
Image credits: El Camino

And last up is Bacon On Bree which is another newcomer to Bree Street.  Yes, Bree Street is where it’s happening! This baconporium, as they call themselves, prides itself on traditional bacon recipes. So if you’re a fan of bacon and craft beer then this is for you!

Bacon On Bree
Image credit: Bacon On Bree




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