Winter proof your home with candles

Winter proof your home with candles

Winter setting
As winter approaches it’s time to “winter proof” your home and turn it into a cosy haven. Step one is to make sure you have a beautiful candle collection to create instant warmth and ambiance. One good aspect about load shedding is that it gives me more reasons to stock up on some gorgeous candles!

I think every home needs a stash of designer candles, don’t you agree? Here are a few ideas…

1. Neroli Soy Filled Candle | 2. Sno Scented Candle | 3. Pano Candle | 4. Hearts Sketch Jar Candle
5. Ceramic Jar Candle | 6. Candelabra | 7. Dent Candle Holders | 8. Aris Fig Scented Candle | 9. White Pleated Cylinder

Winter candles
Image credits: 1. Top photo by Ann Elin Sørøy via Bolig Pluss | 2. Above photos by Inger Marie Grini ia Bolig Pluss and Illume | Featured image by Illume

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