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Today I’m featuring the work of Laliv Shalev, a talented jewellery designer based in Tel Aviv. Laliv started off in the field of industrial design but found she was spending too much time behind a computer. So she began taking jewellery design classes and started Studio Baladi. Just two years later Laliv now does what she loves full time.

The Meaning of the word “Baladi” is: Locally, From the ground, Untouched. This is what guides the lines and textures of Laliv’s work. Her jewellery has a beautiful, organic feel with a contemporary simplicity to it.

Laliv custom made a Cluster ring for me, which is absolutely stunning and I couldn’t resist a pair of her cute Plus sign earrings either.

Studio Baladi Studio Baladi Studio Baladi
I asked Laliv to share a few insights with us…

When did you start Studio Baladi?
About 2 years ago, the idea cooked in my head for a long time until I found the courage to do it, up until then I worked as a Industrial designer.

Which three words sum you up?
I’m still searching..

Where do you find inspiration?
Mostly in my mistakes, while working..

The favorite part of your job…
Being creative, the communication with customers from all over the world, being my own boss…
I’m currently in the stage of moving the studio from my living room to a studio space in Tel Aviv and it’s very exiting.

Your perfect day…
On the beach. definitely.

What’s on your wish list?
I always said that if I win the lottery I would travel around the world chasing my favorite musicians wherever they tour. My next show has to be Neil Young.. but this wish list is long… Now I need to start buying lottery tickets 🙂

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Some of my favourites from Studio Baladi… are you tempted yet?

Studio Baladi jewellery Studio Baladi jewellery

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