String simplicity

String shelving
The String system was originally designed in 1949 by Swedish architect Nils Strinning for a design competition initiated by the Bonnier public library. Strinning’s String system won first prize and its timeless design is as successful to this day. This modular shelving system consists of flexible units that can be configured to fit any space. You can add cabinet units, various magazine shelves, folding tables, work desks and more.

I love the fact that it is so adaptable and that it’s suited to just about any space. Bedroom, office, kitchen, bathroom… just pick your style and the colours you like. I’d love to have a String shelf in my office, sigh… one day!

I’ve gathered a few images to show you the endless variations. You can view loads more here.

String shelving String shelving String shelving String shelving String shelving
Image credits: 1 & 5. Photos by Anders Bergstedt for Entrance | 2. Weekday Carnival | 3. Mezzanine | 4 & 9. Alvhem | 6. The Design Files | 7. Sinnen Rausch | 8. Bror Duktig Style | 10. Weekday Carnival

  1. Gail

    13 August

    Such clever ideas to make maximum use of space! Love the desks.

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