Add some tribal flavour with mud cloth designs

Add some tribal flavour with mud cloth designs

Mud cloth - tribal trends
I’ve always been drawn to textiles that have a handcrafted and authentic feel and these mud cloth designs are just up my street. They have an ethnic feel and at the same time embody that modern tribal aesthetic which is so on trend at the moment. These textiles are handmade in Mali and traditionally created by dying cotton with fermented mud. It’s quite a process! (You can read more about mud cloth history over on Design Sponge.)

I love how this traditional cloth is being appreciated in our modern world. One reason being because their graphic patterns and lines fit in well with so many other looks whether it’s a Scandi style home or a bohemian hipster cafe.

Mud cloth - tribal trends
Mud cloth - tribal trends
Mud cloth designs
These graphic tribal cushions also work beautifully with Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs.

Mud cloth - tribal trends
To get your hands on some mud cloth cushions locally, hop over to So Fine which is a brand new online store.

So fine - mud cloth cushions
Image credits: 1. Amber Interiors | 2. Photo by Brooke Holm via The Design Files | 3 & 5. H&M | 4. Design Sponge | 6. Sarah Sherman Samuel |7. Sarah Sherman Samuel | 8. Kitka | 9. The Style Eater

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  1. Casey

    22 September

    I am totally head over heels for mud cloth currently. Any tips on where to buy this in Cape Town? Thanks for the post. Stunning images and ideas

  2. Catht

    6 September

    Please tell me where I can purchase the mud cloth cushions you advertised

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