Top Cape Town Instagram accounts to follow

Top Cape Town Instagram accounts to follow

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I thought I’d list some top Instragam accounts that you should be following to keep up to date with all things Cape Town. Following the right people can give you all sorts of inspiration and insight but sometimes finding them is not so easy. I’ve listed a few accounts below and if you have any recommendations please add them in the comments so we can grow the list. I try to share daily on Instagram and share different posts to my what I share on my blog so be sure to follow me too and let’s connect.

Of course our local bloggers do it best, highlighting fabulous spots in and around Cape Town:
Tails of a mermaid |  9livesza | Seth Shezi Hospitality Hedonist 
Cape Town curated  | Cape Town’s darling 

City guides:
Official CT tourism pageCape Town magThe Inside GuideCape Town etc 

Nature & scenic accounts:
Heinrich KnoetzeCape Town Guide |  Wanderlust Cape Town

  1. debbie

    14 September

    Very nice one, love the style of your page.
    Please could you also add #capetowninfo

    I started a year ago and it ‘s going well, website is coming soon

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