The art of plating

The Art Of Plating
Have you noticed the growing amount of beautifully plated dishes over on Instagram? Gastro art is definitely a trend and chefs worldwide are creating the most spectacular dishes. This is nothing new but thanks to Instagram we can readily enjoy these magical creations as opposed to having to visit Michelin starred restaurants.

There are number of Instagram feeds that curate stunning foodie imagery. Be sure to check out The Art of Plating, Gourmet Artistry, Gastro Art and Cookniche. This is also a great way to discover inspiring chefs like…

The Art Of Plating - Snowcology

Nathan Snoddon The Art Of Plating - Nathan Snoddon

Yann Bernard Lejard TheArtOfPlating

Gregory Czarnecki The Art Of Plating - Gregory Czarnecki

Danish food photographer, Signe Birck, also has the most stunning feed where you’ll discover plenty of incredible chefs and restaurants. Happy visual feasting!

Signe Birck photography

  1. Andrea

    5 February

    WOW! Stunning!

  2. Gail

    6 February

    Pieces of artwork!!! They all look so yummy, it’s a pity to spoil it by eating 🙁

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