Chunky wool blankets to dream about

Chunky wool blankets
I’m sure you would have spotted these gorgeous chunky wool blankets online and the exciting news is that the trend has finally arrived on our shores and just in time for winter. Mooo Wool is based on a small farm in the Karoo and they make the most beautiful 100% Merino wool blankets and hand knitted products in a variety of colours. I would love to have one of these giant chunky blankets to cosy up my sofa. You can buy Mooo’s blankets and DIY kits online from Jislaaik.

Knitted wool blanket Knitted wool blanket
Knitted wool blanket
Image credits: 1. Oh Eight Oh Nine | 2. Ohhio | 3. Colorways Knit Blanket | 4. Oh Eight Oh Nine | 5. Knitting Noddles crochet hook | 6. Ohhio medium blanket

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