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{Sweet Tooth} Raw choc slab

Raw chocolate slab

Recently one of my healthy foodies friends and I got together for a creative kitchen session. I had come across a delicious sounding Raw Chocolate recipe from My New Roots and so we decided to give it a try. It was a bit of work to make the slab and the ingredients are super pricey but I’d say it was definitely worthwhile. The result was a delicious melt in your mouth rich chocolate goodness. I added salt and chilli flakes to my slab which definitely enhanced the flavour.

The three main ingredients are raw cacao powder, cacao butter and dates which means it’s sugar and gluten free. Please do pop over to Sarah’s blog for the full recipe and possible variations as well as to read all about the amazing health benefits. Sarah is a real foodie so she goes into all the details!

I probably won’t make this chocolate slab for myself but it is great to make and give as a gift. I took mine along to a dinner I’d been invited to and it went down very well!

Raw choc slab

Raw chocolate slab

Raw chocolate slab

Raw chocolate slab

Raw chocolate slab

Raw chocolate slab

Raw Chocolate slab
* Makes 2 chocolate bars

30 g raw cacao powder
100 g very soft, pitted dates
85 g cacao butter
2 vanilla beans, scraped
pinch of flaky Maldon sea salt

Decorate with: Maldon sea salt and chilli flakes… or whatever your heart desires!
{We also used Tropical Fruit & Flower sprinkles from Woolworths to decorate one slab}

* Mash the dates with a fork. Make sure you buy nice, soft dates. We found Woolworths to have the best dates (If the skins are tough, you will need to remove them)
* In a double boiler (or a glass bowl over water) over low heat, melt the cacao butter slowly until completely melted (We used a glass bowl and it ended up cracking from the heat, so be careful!)
* Add the cacao powder, vanilla, salt and stir
* Remove from heat. Let mixture cool and allow the chocolate mixture to firm up a bit
* Add the the mashed dates and mix
* If you can form a rough ball with the mixture, then you’re ready for the next step. (If the chocolate mixture is still a bit runny, then leave it to cool further or pop it into the fridge. It gets hard very quickly when in the fridge, so don’t leave it in for too long!)
* With your hands, form a rough ball with the mixture and then divide it into two.
* Roll each half out with a rolling pin to the desired thickness. You can use your hands to shape the edges into more of a rectangular shape, we quite liked the uneven organic edges though
* Carefully lift the slab and place on some wax paper
* Fold the wax paper up around your slab and tie with some string or washi tape

Ready to eat and enjoy!

Recipe adapted from My New Roots. Photography by Lana Kenney Β©

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